Charities and Community Support

TireXperts actively support Charities that benefit their local communities.

As individual business owners who live and work in our communities, we support our local communities in a wide variety ways. Since the mid 1950's, we began supporting the local community around our initial store with lights for the local baseball diamond. The lights provided longer hours and greater safety for parents, coaches and teams alike. Now, with TireXpert locations through out the west, the network now support a ever growing and greater number of families, teams and communities.

Our support is not limited to youth sports but extends to academics as well. For decades, Fairmount Tire, an independent tire dealer in Los Angeles has supported Jerry's Foundation for Diabetic Research which through education, supports both doctors and those with diabetes. We have supported dozens of aspiring nurses with scholarships to attend local Universities and pursue careers as Licensed Vocational Nurses and Registered Nurses. The support has allowed numbers of talented men and women to pursue their dreams of helping those in need in the medical field. Our dedication through the foundation also supported the construction of a floor for the UCLA Medical Department dedicated to advancing the quality of life for those who live with the disease. We continue to provide direct personal education and teaching seminars that assist in a the practical daily management of diabetes.

In recent years, through Fairmount TireXperts in Los Angeles, the Scott Elliot Sraberg Charitable Foundation was established to support children and their families who face serious physical challenges. Through the efforts and dedication of the foundation, hundreds of young lives have been positively effected. Scott's Foundation has partnered with the Los Angeles Unified School District to build new, safe accessible playgrounds on secure school properties. These playgrounds are specially designed to ease the suffering of those with special needs and to foster the acceptance of these children as valued members of our society. For more information visit

TireXperts, We Care. We care about the communities where we live and work.